Real and compassionate business coaching. Chris's coaching gives clear direction and fulfillment to me as a small business owner. As my own boss, having Chris as my coach is vital to keeping my sanity and keeping my business planning on track. Chris is one of my biggest cheerleaders! I know he wants my business to succeed just as much as I do! I love my business more and more each day because of Chris's coaching!
- Tonya Smith

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Direct. Compassionate. Real.

You are the professionals. You are the entrepreneurs. You are the small business owners. You are the hunters. You "eat what you kill". Your minutes count, you cannot tolerate time wasting. You devote every moment to building, crafting, nurturing, perfecting, maximizing your business. You think about it, you dream about it, it keeps you up at nights. It's who you are, it's your identity. Connelly Consulting + Coaching gets it, because Chris Connelly is a professional, an entrepreneur, a small business owner.

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Coaching is for people who want to:

Execute on what is next for them

Strategize how, or if, to expand

Find a good fit

Handle burnout or a stall

Make a career change

Chris offers hour-long coaching sessions