Coaching business owners. By a business owner.

Leadership coaching you need in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

You are an entrepreneur. You are a business owner. 
You are among the hunters, not the gatherers.  You live in a world of “eat what you kill”.  No one is giving you anything. 
You don’t dwell in a cubicle in an office building, biding your time until you retire, trading hours for paychecks and benefits.  Maybe you did once before, but it wasn’t you and you could never return.  
Your every minute counts, and there is no time in your life for time wasting. 
You devote every moment to building, crafting, nurturing, perfecting, maximizing your business.  You think about it, you dream about it, it keeps you up at nights.  It’s who you are, it’s your identity. 
You love what you do.  You love it so much that you might even do it for free.  But you also love the thrill of the chase, the thrill of having a bigger week, month or quarter than last, landing the big whale, having a banner year.
You love being the one who came up with the idea that was so obvious but no one else thought of it before, except you did. 
Sometimes you think that no one in your life gets it. Connelly Coaching + Consulting gets it, because Chris Connelly is a professional, an entrepreneur, a small business owner. 

Chris helps business owners:

  • Achieve a solid work-life balance
  • Deal with hiring and firing people
  • Market themselves better
  • Develop A+ customer service skills
  • Manage their payroll and employees



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How do his sessions work?

How do his sessions work?

Connelly Consulting + Coaching provides hour-long leadership coaching sessions. Chris holds a minimum of six sessions per client, but you can request more, if needed. You can call, Skype or meet with him in person for your sessions.

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