Don't know how to manage your Legal Career?

Don't know how to manage your Legal Career?

Ask Chris Connelly Consulting & Coaching Services in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

Are you asking yourself “What do I want out of my legal career?” “What are my skills or talents?” “What steps do I need to make to reach my career goals?” This is a critical question many lawyers ask. Most Lawyers in Charlotte, NC don’t plan their careers, they just let them happen. It doesn’t make sense to work so hard and so long to get that license. Hiring a law firm coach is the first step in coming up with your next step. Chris Connelly will help you hone your skills as well as help road map your career.

Since 1987, Chris has practiced in the public sector, been an associate in a law firm and been a solo practitioner. 
He has worked a practice with no staff and worked a practice with multiple part time and full time employees and contractors.  He has made hiring and firing decisions.  He has made marketing decisions, media buys, website development decisions, social media development etc.
He gets the struggle that private practice lawyers go through because he has successfully navigated through them. The “wolf at the door” of bills and staff to pay, navigating dealings with The Bar, looking at a calendar with no new business coming in, looking at a calendar with more than you can handle, seeing marketing and advertising strategies that flop and seeing others that thrive beyond one’s wildest expectations.  Knowing that every day has to be balanced with the professional duty to clients and the lawyer’s entitlement to be justly compensated for their decades of schooling and experience. 

Too many good lawyers have based their fee pricing decisions upon what some other cut-rate or high-volume or newbie lawyer in the same market is doing. Chris has devised strategies to coach good lawyers to get what they deserve. Reach out to Connelly Consulting + Coaching now to arrange for law coaching services in Charlotte and Huntersville, North Carolina. You can meet with Chris in person, or call or Skype him for your session.

Chris offers Solutions:

  • Changing Law Firms
  • Finding your niche in Law
  • Legal Career Transitions
  • Making Law Firm Partners
  • Retirement for Lawyers
  • Wise decisions for Lawyers
  • Life Balance

After thinking through the questions above and a consultation with Chris Connelly, you will be better prepared and confident in your next step to furthering your Legal Career.