Imagine every day is Saturday. The week is over, the successes and failures of the work week are yesterday, the prospect of another work week – stress, demands, egos and self-importance - is days away. Do what you want, where you want and when you want. Just sit back and watch the world go by or
maybe choose to even be part of it. From June 1 to August 31, 2016, that’s exactly what I did. And then some. As a busy criminal defense solo practitioner of 28+ years, I decided to “tap out” for a threemonth sabbatical to explore. No office, no court, no appointments; I would be available by email and phone only. All the travel that I have ever dreamed about but dismissed as taking too much time,” now I was making time for it. First to Dublin to tour the centennial of my ancestors. Rising and grabbing a pint while watching folk musicians in pubs. The Camino Santiago in Spain by horseback, riding through ancient Galician villages, overnighting in centuries-old monasteries and manor homes, to arrive early one morning in the Plaza of the Catedral Santiago surrounded by other reverent pilgrims who had walked and biked from all over the world to the resting place of Christ’s Apostle Saint James. Two weeks
in Peru at my church’s mission visiting the homes of dozens of materially impoverished but spiritually wealthy people so I could immerse myself in their life; taking in their grace, gratitude and joie de vivre. Buenos Aires to see the refinement & elegance of its people and architecture and to study its rollicking political history. Spending time with family when they show up from out of town. Reading some books. Staying up late, sleeping in. Having a beer with lunch and people watching downtown.

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